Feels Great to be Testing Software Again!

…especially when it is a brand new OS!

The new Windows 11 desktop looks very inviting.
This was originally published July 2021 on my original blog.

Just because I have reached the mid-point of my life, doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally do stuff that interests me. As a matter of fact, it is probably necessary to occasionally do so! Especially with what the last 18 months has done to many of us. Covid-19 and the subsequent laws and regulations that came along with it created many mental issues, and for some of us who already suffered from some form of it prior, just made it an even worse situation. To top it off, I had contracted the Coronavirus twice, the second time nearly caused me to be bedridden. Then of course were my kidney stones that showed up right after all that, and that lasted 9 weeks!

So yeah, as I was saying, sometimes it is necessary!

The leak of the Windows 11 software that took the world off its feet was even more sought after than any other leaked software in recent memory. I joined the Windows Insider Program last summer and I was given the early version of the new Operating System (OS) pretty early. Microsoft has not impressed me for a very long time. There are many reasons why I started losing hope in the company. I won’t go into all of that in this post though as this post is to congratulate Microsoft for their several swift turn-arounds with their software. As far as privacy (which is one of my complaints), I have not been able to test much as far as that is concerned. However, this new design, which features little things just as much as the significant things, make Windows 11 much more enjoyable than previous versions of the popular OS.

For instance, the rounded corners of the Windows make such a difference, yet, it is a small difference that not many people would even care to notice. But for me, it is difficult to miss! The colors for both dark mode and light mode work perfectly. I have never seen such great coordination of colors. I even like the new Chromium powered Microsoft Edge browser. So much so that I use it more often than any other browser… even Firefox! For anyone that knows me at all, knows how much I disliked Microsoft’s browsers in the past. And using something other than Mozilla Firefox?! Yeah, I can confirm, I may have lost my mind.

The new Start menu is right in the middle of the taskbar and it looks very different than the past versions of Windows’ Start menu.

But of course there are many changes aside from the few I mentioned. For instance, there are all new icons for the Library which look polished as well. Below there is a gallery of screenshots I took showing the basics of the new Windows 11 OS.

As you can see, it looks great! If you are anything like me, you will have trouble getting away from it. I have even molded an Android smartphone theme after the new OS (see below). Now I have to start thinking about what I will test after this new OS. Now that I started again, I just don’t want to stop.

Thanks for reading and stay safe and healthy!

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  1. This adaptation to mobile screens looks especially good. I know that if Windows Phone were still around, it would surely look like this.


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